I’ve heard investigative journalists, scientists and non-fiction writers say things like “I go where the story/truth/narrative leads me.” Of course that works when tangible hard data refute some popular meme. The rest, however, I find to be pretty damn subjective. The question you ask right after you get the data will determine where the narrative goes and that goes double for something as mushy as cultural issues.

I plan to be writing about just such mushy issues, like story telling, video gaming and how they relate to flow and social causes.

George Carlin is famous for saying “think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize: half of them are stupider than that.” To be totally objective means you expect the results of cultural explorations to end up concluding that things are the way they are “because people are dumb” over half the time. I don’t find that very useful – except for pure comedic reasons, of course.

So you can expect my musings to be coming from a personal perspective of someone who is ruefully optimistic and assumes that, given a choice, some people (a minority, perhaps) would choose to be happy and satisfied.

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