Did you hear the one about Flow?

The name of the site could be interpreted as a pessimistic self-fulfilling prophecy of how I think the site (and my life) will go. If you are attracted to this site because you’re hoping the name indicates that it will focus on negative, self-deprecating, nihilistic and caustic themes then prepare to be disappointed (which, in a way, should make you happy).

First and foremost, I’ve always loved that expression. The rest is back-filling rationale but then, what in this life is not back-filling rationale?

Here’s what happened:  at the end of ’09 every natural source of dopamine and endorphin fell away. My job, money, marriage, and health were  all fucked. Then the worst: my dad died in June ’10.

By the end of ’10 I had a very simple mission for myself: get happy.

I was convinced that I should be able to do this without talk therapy or drugs. While I remain open to “professional” tactics if I fail on my own, I just don’t believe that I need them to get happy.

The framework I’m using to get happy is a formalized theory around techniques I had been developing my whole life. That theory is called “Flow.” Here’s the TED talk on it:


Unfortunately Csikszentmihaly (pronounced “chicks send me high”) is a terrible presenter and the talk, ironically enough, comes off as painfully boring. Really, if you’re interested  then here’s the book at Amazon.

I have zero interest in being an evangelist for Flow or explaining why it would work or not work in anybody’s life except mine. Having said that, it would be awesome if you realize there might be something in it for you by my, er, testimonials.

  1. Flow: In improv (and budhism) it is called: “Living in the moment”.

    In hip-hop it is:
    “Let it flow, man. Let it flow.”


  2. This Flow is related to artistic and transcendental states in Buddhism but it’s not exactly the same.

    Totally unrelated to hip-hop’s flow, surfers’ “going with the flow” or The Turtles’ Flo and Eddie.

  3. yea…kidding about the hip hop.

    Sure there is a distinction between the two, but in readings recently, The Flow did echo much of what i have tried to learn about “the moment”.

    Pema Chodron

  4. If I understand it, the yoga/tantric/Buddhist states are less goal oriented than Flow which is (among 6 other tenants) based on having clear goals with loud and present feedback as to how you’re doing.

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