I’m Victor Stone. My resume is long and checkered. Some Victorhi/low-lights: Senior Researcher in the Disney Interactive group, co-founder and Project Lead on Creative Commons’ ccMixter (wikipedia), recording artist and producer on Magnatune, owned and operated Virtual Turntable, software engineer and architect at Microsoft, Borland and Symantec, PR for Fishbone, house hippie at Columbia and ABC Records. Side projects have included journalism, film scoring, voice overs and social activism.

I like to pass my time researching nebulous issues involving human’s predilection for story telling, emotional impact in video gaming, flow and how those activities relates to living a socially responsible life. I’m using this blog to share some of that work and other goings on.

  1. Patrick Blackburn

    Hey are you the Vic that authored the think week paper about how a certain seattle based cyber retailer is “the killer app”? Just got a completely not-personalized or relevant spam from their “local” service and had a flashback to some great points written in that paper. Seems the forgot the principle of making each interaction better based on what they know.
    If your not the guy then sorry for the spam
    Patrick Blackburn – exmsft

  2. Yup – thats’ me lol

    If you have a copy of the amazon memo I’d love to get my hand on it – haven’t seen it in >10yrs.

    And yea – the worst part of the local amazon spam is that I’ve unsubscribed several times now. Serious fail.

  3. Hi Victor!

    You get credit for inspiring my very first ever posting and for expanding my limited web shorthand vocabulary.

    Should have taken my cue from WTF?, which I DID know, and in the future will assume that any ‘F’ is a similar derivation.

    Great piece on VJ . . . what’s next?!



  4. Hi Vic I remember you from the old MS “Corporate Runs” episodes..still classics.

  5. Jeffrey Gubbins

    Hi Vic. Does part of your past include a company called Magna?

  6. Jeff, I completely missed your question. Yes, it’s me. Belatedly: good to hear from you.

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